Sterling silver amethyst earrings

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Sterling silver amethyst earrings are featured on this page. There's drop style sterling silver amethyst earrings, dangle, faceted amethyst stud earrings and other pretty styles, too. Some of these have been handmade by artisans around the world. They're amethyst works of art.

Something to keep in mind about silver jewelry is to not store it in the open air or in humid conditions because that can cause it to tarnish. One tip to reduce tarnishing when storing it is to place it in some sort of ziplock type bag with a piece of chalk. Although I have done this with my silver jewelry and it does work, since I'm not a jewelry expert or scientist I'd suggest testing it for yourself first. I think that chalk somehow chemically asorbs mositure. I've tied a few pieces of chalk together and hung it in closets to absorb any moisture from humidity and it has worked as well. Also, as with most any type of jewelry, it's a good idea not to have it stored with other objects that could scratch it. Gently rub to clean using a 100 percent cotton or flannel cloth.

Judith Ripka La Petite Cushion Cut Amethyst Stud Earrings
Judith Ripka La Petite cushion cut amethyst stud earrings These petite stud earrings are done in sterling silver with cushion cut amethysts (3.4 carats) and white sapphires (.03 carats) Have 18k yellow gold post with butterfly back and measure 9.5mm length x 9.5mm width. Judith Ripka
SOFIA VERGARA Earrings Amethyst/White Topaz Sterling SilverSofia Vergara amethyst, white topaz and tanzanite sterling silver earrings
Sofia Vergara amethyst, white topaz and tanzanite sterling silver earringsSOFIA VERGARA Earrings Amethyst/White Topaz Sterling Silver Marquise tanzanite followed by round amethyst then teardrop shape accented with white topaz stones encircles a pear-shaped amethyst. Kay Jewelers
Sterling silver amethyst and diamond earrings
Sterling silver with diamond and amethyst earrings
Sterling silver earrings with 14k yellow gold inlay have amethyst and diamonds in center. Jewel Basket
Sterling silver amethyst earrings
Sterling silver amethyst earrings Earrings have a fancy design with circles featuring an oval shaped amethyst. (5mm x 4mm) Are sterling silver and measure 30mm (1 3/16") long including French wire (17mm without). Apples of Gold
Sterling silver amethyst earrings, 'Indonesian Romance' (Indonesia)Sterling silver amethyst earrings
Sterling silver amethyst earringsSterling silver amethyst earrings Sterling silver amethyst hook earrings have an intricate heart design with one oval shaped amethyst below. Novica
Marquise Amethyst Earrings
Sterling silver marquise amethyst earrings Intricately designed sterling silver earrings feature a marquise cut amethyst that measures 7mm x 13.5mm in center of earring. Length measures 48mm (1 7/8") including French wires (34mm without bale). Apples of Gold
Cultured freshwater pearl, amethyst and tanzanite earrings in sterling silver with diamond accents
Cultured freshwater pearl, amethyst and tanzanite earrings in sterling silver with diamond accents Pearl earrings have pear shaped amethysts and round tanzanites with a diamond in center to form a delicate flower above the pearls. Gordon's Jewellers
Amethyst and Diamond Halo Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver
Amethyst and diamond halo drop earrings in sterling silver Large pear shaped amethyst (14mm x 6mm) encrusted in diamonds drops from a marquise shape part of the earring also encrusted in diamonds. Pear shaped amethysts are 4.95 carats and altogether there are 36 diamonds. Earrings are in .925 sterling silver. Apples of Gold
Diamond and amethyst sterling silver infinity loop earrings
Diamond and amethyst infinity loop earrings in sterling silver Looping ribbons of sterling silver with 1/10 ct. t.w. diamonds create an infinity design. Center of each earring is a 3.0 mm round purple amethyst stone in 3 prong setting. Gordon's Jewelers